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Drink Philanthropically

The Center Public House is a Nonprofit Pub.

What does that mean? It does not mean we get tax breaks. We are not a 501c3. It does mean we are a registered nonprofit with the State of Washington and required to be board run and use any profits to only benefit our charitable partners. We do this to ensure we are always doing the best to prove to you that you are Drinking Philanthropically.  We believe that community is vital to a healthy society.

We promote community through high quality food along with some of the best local craft beer, cider and wine in the area.

We work towards a healthier society by redirecting our profits to a series of local nonprofits who are carefully selected. We give you the ability to decide which nonprofits you want to support.

We believe that people want to help people. And we have created a “third place” where people can meet old friends and make new friends while enriching their own corner of the world. 

We meet with one goal: Drink Philanthropically

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Charitable Giving Made Easy.

Meet Our NonProfit Partners.


A grass roots organization out of Monroe, WA who help homeless and at risk people of all backgrounds and situations. When we first announced we were taking applications we had a large number of people reach out to us and tell us Take the Next Step was doing amazing things in Snohomish County.

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From their website: “Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services empowers Deaf and DeafBlind survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment to transform their lives, while striving to change the beliefs and behaviors that foster and perpetuate violence. We provide comprehensive services to individuals and families, community education, and advocacy on systems and policy issues.”

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Hunger is a real thing in our community. There are people who face the question of whether they should pay the rent or buy food. Snohomish Community Food Bank takes the stress of that decision away from hundreds of people every month.

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Sarvey is located in Arlington, WA and their mission (from their website) is, “Dedicated to saving the lives of sick, orphaned, injured, displaced, and debilitated wild animals entrusted to our care so that they may be successfully returned to their native habitat.

To offer educational opportunities to encourage a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of each species, and the ecologic and conservation challenges they face.”

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Donate or Join our Founder’s Club Today

We are constantly blown away by the generosity of our community. People are still asking how they can partner with us to ensure The Center Public House is successful and our Partner Charities are given the most possible amount. One way we can ensure this is through donations or through our “investment club” called “The Founder’s Club”. See what benefits you can receive through your financial commitment to the Center Public House.

The Center Public House is a community project that was built through grassroots fundraising and the generous contributions of hundreds of donations of all amounts. Every donation over $35 receives a t-shirt!

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